Golden path

Golden Path

From my discovery and reading, what I realize is liberation isn't that difficult.

Become aware during the day, and practice awareness during your dream. Become aware during your dream and sleep in your dream. Wake up in the 'wrong' dimension and come into an out-of-body experience.

Once you've attained the flexibility to do an out-of-body experience, extend that awareness at the moment you fall asleep. Being aware at the moment you fall asleep will be a practice of slipping out to an oobe at the moment of your death. Move from an awareness of falling asleep to the out-of-body experience, so at the moment of the physical death, you can slip out of bardo and decide on your next step. Re-incarnation? On earth? On another planet where a soul can be incarnated? It seems like there are a few ways to continue.

Other dimensions are also accessible, but I assume that had to be discovered at the moment you practice oobe. It seems like other dimensions are fond of our experiences in our dimension and there is a lot that we can teach from these dimensions.

Taoist, Buddhist, Shamanic and Tantric teaching all seem to be pointing toward a similar path, and more recently Robert Monroe has a quite similar conclusion.

I can become aware in my dreams, and I have experienced a few oobe but I am in the process of re-cultivating my awareness and practicing the awareness of falling asleep. I'll develop further as I go.

So what about all the other practices? Are they all purification practices to lead to this ultimate teaching? Are there more teachings about what to do once you are able to voyage across consciousness? I am also trying to find out more writing about this path, but I feel that a lot of these teaching are hidden and only accessible through oral transmission.