We lost our mama bunny; we now have 11 baby bunnies to care for. Connecting with life and nature this way is surprisingly touching.

A few months ago, I spent four days skinning a bear. The process brought me closer to nature, connecting to life and relating to the animal world. I didn't kill the bear. My friend had to kill the bear and invited me to his pelt. I felt honoured to work with the bear, but I also thought I was honouring the bear by using his skin.

I practice sensing the body. Moving from being in my head to feeling my body is a doorway to exploring my universe. Animals and nature are a gateway to connect deeper with our realities. It's more complex to communicate to rocks than a tree, but it's simpler to connect to a wild animal.

Working with the dead body of a bear changed my perception of my reality. Feeding baby bunny as well. This vibrational connection is essential. It's also something I like to create around me when exploring music.

It's Monday today, and I'm exploring more music tonight. Again using the Medusa, I didn't take the time to connect my violin to my Mopho, so I might have to wait for another jam.