In one month, we got from zero bunnies to 13 bunnies. It's a little bit hectic. The energy in the air is quite intense. We lost the mama twice already; she got spayed by our local skunk (she has been living happily in our compost for many years now – hanging out with our cats). But it seems like the bunny kicked the skunk's ass.

We don't know what we are doing and taking one step at a time. I am not a farmer and got to keep working on my primary business to keep us afloat. Even if we end up eating bunnies as our source of meat, that would still be a lot of work to eat meat. I feel that we won't be eating them after all, though. So this is only an experiment on raising rabbits?

Once everything is built, there will be a lot of bunnies, and there isn't much more to do. It's a strange experience, and I am unsure how much more I want to explore in this domain!